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The Company

The company, Orbis Tours Ltd, was formed out of a need to provide a wider range of tours and holiday options in Liverpool to allow the visitor to see more of what Liverpool has to offer. We have done this via our website LiverpoolGO.

It is our founding principle to ALWAYS provide the best possible service for the client. It is with this in mind that you can book with confidence knowing that you will get the very best service before, during and after your visit to Liverpool.


We want to welcome you to our city and provide the highest level of customer care and assistance throughout your stay.

We want you to leave Liverpool feeling part of our extended group of friends and wanting to keep in touch.

We want you to leave with a desire to return and when you go from this place to tell others what you have seen.

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Our features

A little about what makes us what we are.

Great support

Our guides are there to help you during your tour but we will also support your needs before you travel as well as throughout your entire stay in Liverpool. Whether you need advice or additional ground services we're here for you.

We speak several languages

Our guides speak a variety of languages and we are also able to arrange interpreters if required. We are able to communicate with you during your tour in French, Spanish, Chinese and of course English. Advance notice required.

We take care of everyone

Whatever your reason for visiting Liverpool and whatever your requirements during your stay, we are here to look after you. If you are travelling to Liverpool we want to hear from you.

Available on mobiles and tablets

Our website and booking forms etc are available in all formats. We are also able to keep in touch with you via apps, messaging, emails and a variety of other systems on your mobile, laptop or tablet.

Our team and guides

It is our pleasure and we are very proud to introduce our team below: